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Consistent and Caring

Most of us envision pregnancy to be this time of glowing and growing - everyone commenting on our beautiful, round figures and our ability to MAKE a baby...what no one tells us is that all pregnancies are not created equal. In some pregnancies, complications happen which require activity restrictions or bed rest . These can be due to any of the following reasons: 

*Possibility of miscarriage


*Carrying multiple babies

*Incompetent cervix

*Hyperemesis Gravidarum

*Premature rupture of membranes

*Unexplained bleeding

*High risk

*Low amniotic fluid

*and more

These factors plus the extra needs that pregnancy places on couples can induce stress and worry. Limitations placed on the birthing mom can affect her and her partner emotionally, physically, and mentally. 

As an antepartum doula, I offer support to families struggling with a difficult pregnancies. 

I assist with daily tasks: grocery shopping, meal preparation, help with other children, laundry, cleaning, organizing, and preparing for baby. However, my most important job is to hold space and listen to your concerns as you process how this time period will impact you and your family. I make sure to meet your needs within the household so you are free to truly rest without playing the mental tug-of-war with your to-do list and the need to restrict activity.


Daytime hours:

8 AM - 5 PM

Let's Talk

"She was so understanding, caring and compassionate and I felt like I could talk to her about anything- my joys, fears, doubts, emotions, - sometimes I just needed a good cry and didn't have words- and she was there; understanding- even when I didn't."

~ Jennifer

"There are all kinds of NEW experiences that grow along this new path. Christi was there each step of the way. (And still is) Her kind, gentle, relaxed spirit was exactly what my husband and I needed."


"Christiana was an answer to prayer. I loved her passion and how she made me feel special and cared for. She would check in see how I was doing. I was able to voice my concerns openly about c section, uncertainty of labor,  different questions. She always got back to me in a timely manner, offering encouragement and advice."


"In order to promote equity, we must offer some families more support than others to reach the same goal which is a healthy outcome for mothers and babies to thrive."

Tikvah Wadley

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Lancaster, PA


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