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Meet Christi

Hello there!

I'm a wife of 20 years, a homeschooling mom of three teenage girls (there is a LOT of estrogen in this house), and my passion since 2011 has been interacting with and educating expectant parents and new families. 

I love being able to support families through these times of transition - knowing that preparation, mindset, and community can help ease parents into their desired roles. My goal is to help make this time as enjoyable as possible by promising to walk beside you and answer any questions you may have as well as point you in the direction of resources that will benefit you on this journey. 

I offer services that can start as early as you get that positive test and continue into postpartum as you transform and adapt to the newness a newborn brings. Whether you are a first-time parent or welcoming your 10th child, my aim is to make your experience empowering and beautiful. 

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